Digital parking permits

Parkit digital parking permit

No more annoying parking permits falling off your windshield and disappearing in the wind! With our digital permits, it is now possible to safely park without having to worry about counterfeit permits being used. As a landowner, you can easily manage parking management while eliminating the risk of fraud. Thanks to our portal, you can easily manage and secure your parking spaces without worrying about unnecessary costs. So forget about copied permits and keep your windshield clean - choose digital permits.

Discover the future of parking permits

100% digital

With our service, the entire process, from queueing to contracting and billing, is completely online, for both you and your customers! You no longer have to worry about paperwork or delays, as everything is handled smoothly and easily online.

Jump between different registration numbers

The end customer manages their parking permit on their own in an extremely smooth way.

Make lightning-fast decisions

By bringing the entire administration into one system, you automatically reduce the time required for all types of cases.

Easy payment options

Offer different payment methods to your customers and let them choose what suits them best.

Clean overview view

Customers can view all parking information on their phone, tablet or computer.

Efficient for our controllers

With access to the active registration numbers, our staff can easily see in real time if a vehicle has a valid parking permit! We have invested in the latest technology to provide our customers with a safe and smooth parking experience.

The future of parking permits

Although physical parking permits have worked well in the past, they have not really kept up with the digital developments in parking management. More and more municipalities, property owners and managers have now started digitizing the management of their parking spaces to improve control, reduce administrative work and increase utilization.

Normally, parking permits are issued as physical items that customers place visibly in their cars. Managing physical parking permits can be time-consuming and difficult to measure and track over time. When it comes time to renew, change or deregister several hundred or more parking permits, it can be very time-consuming and costly for those responsible for parking.

Why change something that works?

As parking management becomes increasingly digital, the interaction between users and parking management is shifting from physical objects to digital environments - from parking meters to smartphone apps. In this context, the transition from physical to digital parking tickets is becoming more common. So what do you choose? To send out hundreds of parking permits at the touch of a button or manage an unmanageable amount of physical tickets by laminating them?

Modernize your parking management

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you digitized your entire parking business? Imagine having contract parking, digital keys, contracts that can be signed with BankID, statistics and reports in digital dashboards, faster notification and payment, and a seamless integration of EV charging as part of your parking contract.

When considering the possibilities of digital parking permits, you should also think about how you can digitalize your entire parking management system. Issuing parking permits is an important, but only a small part of the entire parking management process.

Parkit offers digital solutions for parking management, and we are here to help you.

Making life easier with Parkit

We discovered that there was no satisfactory solution on the market for digital management of parking permits, despite the need for it. This led us to develop the technology now called ParkitRND. Thus, digital parking permits should be a matter of course for anyone who manages many parking spaces, including municipalities, property owners and caretakers.

The benefits are many

There are many advantages to using digital parking permits. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Modern solution
  • Digital queue management
  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Easy update and modification of contracts and prices
  • Better control of the number of parking permits issued
  • Ability to quickly block parking permits
  • Users can easily keep track of their digital status compared to a physical piece of paper.